The School

The School

seeing the illiteracy among the students belonging to poor and minority categories Dr. A. R. Sani contemplated deeply about theirupliftment, progress and high morale. Besides, when henoticed the importance of English at International level he managed to impart education with English mediumon conventpatternand established English medium: school named "Crescent Convent Senior Secondary School affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (C. B. S. S. E.) Delhi. It welcomes everyone indiscriminately. Aimsandobjects:

  1. The aim of the institution is to create aspiration of patriotism in students from deep within. Crescent Convents School Preaches thestudents to come to school to learn and go to serve the nation and other needyPersons they are taught to maintaintheir morale high. Crescent Convent Sr. Sec. School emphasizes formation of character with sound moral principles values.
  2. Medium of teaching is English special attention is paid to make students efficient in English so that they may be able to ave& vast knowledge about the current events of whole world.
  3. To educate, to maintain good physique, sound body and mind so that the same may be enshrined in their coming generation.
  4. To train the students in such a way that they many be introduced among others by theirgood deeds and not only by theirappearance.


The School building is located in seren and fascinating area of civil lines opposite Basantar Park Mathura Entering the campus a Visitor is greeted with green plants, grassand beautiful flowers.


The School has huge separate building for Middle andSemor Secondary with spacious, well ventilated. lighted and furnished class rooms and departments of related subjects e.g. Science Computersetc .

ASeprate wing for Nursery LKG and U. K. G has been established in the campus. This wing is fully equipped with Latest Teaching aids, toys and other educational parts And other equipments to be used exclusively by the teaching staff . A Three year’s old childiseligible for admission toNursery .

Primary Section

ASeparate wing exists for Primary classes (from I to V) The wing is supervised by a group of competent teachers whoarewellversed in child nature and activities. They keenly look after them and think about the welfare and progress ofkids.

Junior Section

Awing for junior classes (from Vi to VIII) is also active to give the children proper guidance and encourage them to move on the path toprogress,

Senior Secondary Section

Another wingstorclassesfromIXthtoxXIIth with spacious and well furnished classrooms. Wellequippedlibararyand Mathematics Lab , Social Science Lab, Science Lab and computerlaboratory Etc.